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During the month of May, CARWIZ rent a car will make your travel even more exciting and more affordable than ever.

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Sunny days have arrived, temperatures are rising. Change your everyday environment and travel somewhere new. In order to make your spring break more exciting, take advantage of our special offer and choose a high-quality new car that will make your travel more enjoyable.

Our offer features - Toyota Aygo for only 119 Croatian kunas, Toyota Auris for 179 kunas or Hyundai Kona for 199 kunas per day (VAT included). Reservations can be made in any of Carwiz offices or via our web site www.carwiz.hr

За да се подобри Вашето искуство со пребарување, веб-страната на CARWIZ користи колачиња. Ако останете на оваа веб-страна, ќе сметаме дека се согласувате со нивната употреба.  Повеќе информации »